What Options You Should Skip When Buying a New Car

What Options You Should Skip When Buying a New Car
What Options You Should Skip When Buying a New Car
| Mar 11 2023
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The New Car Add-Ons You Definitely Don’t Need

When you buy a new car, there are endless options that you can add on to make your car even better. From upgraded entertainment systems to paint protection, the list goes on and on. And while some of these options may be totally worth it, others are a bit unnecessary (and very overpriced). So let’s talk about what options you should be sure to skip when you buy your next car.


Here are the top options you should skip when buying a new car (and how you can make sure you get the best deal possible).





The Dealer Add-Ons You Should Skip


#1 Fabric Protection

Dealerships will often offer fabric protection on your car’s interior. While this may seem like a good idea, especially if you have kids or pets, try not to be lured in by this. Dealers will use words like “molecular adhesion” to try to sell you on the effectiveness of their fabric protection treatment, but make no mistake–this is the same treatment as a $5 can of Scotchgard. So save yourself thousands, pick up some Scotchgard, and take fifteen minutes to apply it yourself.


#2 AntiTheft Window Etching

A new offering that many dealers will try to sell you on is anti theft window etching. The thought behind this is that by etching your VIN number directly on your windows, criminals will be deterred from stealing your car. Essentially since it will be easier for police to recover, it will be less valuable for criminals. First of all, this is merely speculation and is not grounded in research. Second, if you truly believe that this will deter thieves, you can buy a window etching kit on Amazon for less than $20. Paying $500 for this service is money out the door.


#3 Nitrogen Filled Tires

Nitrogen filled tires are not a bad idea. In fact, there are some real benefits to this. Nitrogen is more temperature stable, meaning that when the weather changes you won’t need to worry about your tire pressure changing. This can also help your tires to last a bit longer as they will wear more evenly. So the issue isn’t having nitrogen filled tires–the issue is paying upwards of $100 to have them. If you want to get nitrogen in your tires, simply head over to your local tire shop where they will fill them for a few bucks.


#4 Rustproofing

Some dealers will offer an option to rustproof the car with an undercoating. But this is pretty redundant as new cars are already rust-proofed before they leave the factory. 

#5 Window Tinting

Depending on where you live, window tinting might be a good idea. A window tint in an extremely sunny place can save you a lot of frustration and actually make driving safer. But the dealerships will charge a very high fee for window tinting. Take a look around your area to see what local places offer window tinting (it’s a pretty common side hustle as well) and determine how much tinting will cost if you have your heart set on it. Chances are you can have them tinted for much cheaper after you purchase your car.


#6 Factory Roof Rack Accessories

A lot of us could use roof racks for one reason or another. Maybe we are into hiking and taking our bikes out on the trails, or maybe we could just use the extra convenience when getting our Christmas tree. But buying the factory roof accessories can be a big waste of money. The main reason is that factory roof racks are only designed to fit your brand of car, and in most instances you will need to buy adapters from companies such as Thule or Yakima to fit other accessories. You are much better off getting an aftermarket rack that you can move from vehicle to vehicle and take with you when you no longer want your new car. 


#7 Tire and Wheel Upgrades

Custom tires and wheels can look great, and you will often see them on display cars at the shop. But in reality these are a huge cost that may not be worth it. First of all, you will most likely be able to find nice wheels and tires on your own and pay a lot less. But besides that, there’s also a chance that the upgraded tires won’t be covered by your original warranty. If you want to go this route, be sure that your warranty covers them (or that you are prepared financially for there to be a problem). If the car model you are eyeing up has the higher end wheels, you can ask the dealer to have them swapped back to the original.





How to Get the Best Deal When Buying a New Car


When you go to buy a new car, it can feel overwhelming. So being prepared is key to ensuring that you not only get exactly what you want, but that you don’t overpay it as well. 


Step 1. Make a list of all of your “must haves” when buying a car. This should include the add-ons you can’t live without. 


Step 2. Determine your budget. Look at your monthly budget carefully to decide how much you can afford on a new car. In general you should not spend more than 20% of your monthly income on transportation (this includes gas, insurance, parking, maintenance, etc).


Step 3. Read customer reviews. Look online to determine which makes and models will best suit your needs. When you hone in a few choices, read as many reviews as you can–the good and the bad–to get a sense of if the car is right for you.


Step 4. Get your finances in order. If you are going to finance your new car, prepping your finances will help you to saucer the best car loan APR possible. Make sure you have enough cash to make a down payment of 20% as well. This will help you get a more manageable and lower interest loan.


Step 5. Prepare to negotiate. Chances are you will have to haggle a bit when the time comes to buy your new car. But knowing your bottom-line budget will help you with this. Stay firm when saying “no” to add ons, and prepare to walk away if the dealer is giving you a hard time. You should be able to negotiate out of unnecessary fees too, such as delivery fees.





Those are the options you should skip when you buy a new car and how you can get the best deal possible.


If you already have a new car that is financed, you are probably overpaying every month on your car loan. Contact Auto Approve today to see how much money we can save you!





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